Recover Data from HDD with bad sectors,


My 80GB Hitachi Deskstar Model : hds722580vlat20, started to make some clicking noise, i haven't really thought it was serious the first time,but then the sound became louder,so i brought another IDE HDD to backup my data but the bad drive was unable to boot,and constantly makes the clicking sound after windows loading screen.
i've heard about some good data recovery softwares, and when i intended to try one, i set the bad drive as slave,the new drive as Master in order to copy my files into the leading drive,but even the Master wont boot after the loading screen, "again with the repeatedly clicking sound of the bad drive"
I wasn't sure if some bootable DOS softwares could help, so i didn't try one becuse i think the case is more serious than that...

I have some extremely important data on the bad drive "6 years of work projects,all family fotos and videos"

So if there is any way to recover the old data from the bad drive, "i wouldn't care about the cost".

Additional info : the lost data were moved from another old drive, but replaced with new ones "recover my deleted "moved" files?".

PS. I have learned my lesson! "backup"

Your help is much appreciated,
Thank You,,
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  1. You could try to mount the bad disk as an external drive on another PC, then run
    chkdsk x: /f/r
    where x: is that drive's letter on that PC. This does a check disk and attempts to recover bad sectors. Then, I would just transfer all the important data of of it.
  2. I have use Linux Live CD to boot, which in turn allowed me to read HDD and copy data to a flash drive or other HDD.

    Just run the OS of the CD, no installation necessary.
  3. Guys it didn't help, the HD use to boot, now it won't boot as slave, then wont boot at all, i tried easeus disk copy .
    it's the same thing, the disk makes noise while the bios is tryin' to recognize it, and no further action,,

    PS: i can get fired if i don't recover data, i'm a computer expert and i don't know what to do,, IRONIC isn't it!!

  4. If disk not seen in BIOS, it is failing/ has failed already. A data recovery firm could be able to replace the controller on the HDD and recover the data off of it. They are not cheap, but... if data is so important, the company will pay to retrieve it.
    HDDs fail all the time, that's why a backup solution is mandatory for any company. There is a possibility you might get some of your feathers ruffled, esp. if you are the tech guy for that company.
    And it sounds like you have not tried to mount the disk as an external drive on a different PC... See my post above. But, regardless, if the BIOS doesn't see it, most likely the HDD is toast.
  5. Try spinrite.
  6. the only one that should be fired is the one that did not make a backup of his own work.

    hardware can fail at any time even to the point where you need to get professional help like Ontrack.
  7. +1 For Spinrite
  8. Yes,backup is really really important! I also experienced some problem like your case. But, as far as I know, there seems to be some software can recover data via skipping bad sector. You may can try this software which can skip bad sector automatically.
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