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Hey guys,
I just built a new system about a month ago and I have been interested in overclocking for a few years. I was just wondering since my MOBO comes with an overclock genie is that a good choice to go for a first time overclock? I have heard that it is possible to get 4.5ghz (theoretical I assume) on this chip. What can I expect for speed and I am also looking to upgrade case, heatsink and if you guys think power supply for this rig. I have about 2 and a half months before I overclock this (waiting until my schooling is done for the semester) since god forbid something goes wrong I don't lose all my programming work. I'm looking to get a case that lets me run my cables behind the MOBO tray and do I really need an aftermarket cooler?
Thanks in advance LOGIC.
System specs:
CPU: 2nd Gen Intel I5 3.3ghz 2500k (Socket 1155 Sandy Bridge)
RAM: One 4GB stick of DDR 1333 Pioneer ram
Hard Drive: Seagate baracuda low power 5200rpm 1tb hd
Opticle drive: Generic dvd r+w
PSU: Ultra 550 lifetime series
Graphics Card: MSI N460GTX Twin FROZR II
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  1. If i were you ad grab a 500 GB 6.0/gbs or 3.0.. harddrive to boot from.
    Id set that I5 up to about 4.0 with really good cooling.
    Just look on new egg for your case that got great cases for like 40 bucks or a great full size nzxt for like 140
    You DEF need aftermarket cooler if your going to overclock. a good water system cost me 130 so u gotta at least buy a 30-40 air cooler to get to 4.0
  2. It's possible to get higher than 4.5GHz, approximately 40% or so do get that level or higher. About 10% get to 4.8GHz overclock.

    Yes, you need an aftermarket cooler. The stock Intel crap cooler won't hold temps down enough. However, you could get something like the $30 CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus and that's enough to get to your chip's maximum overclock.

    I would suggest a different power supply, yes. Something from a quality manufacturer like Corsair, SeaSonic, or Thermaltake.

    I would also suggest another 4GB stick of that Pioneer RAM. You're missing out on "free" performance with only one stick. Get it while RAM is still cheap -- who knows how long RAM will stay this low.

    Unfortunately, the overclock won't help the slowest part of your system. That low-RPM hard drive will really hold you back, but only when loading apps/games and saving/moving/copying/etc. large files.
  3. Would you guys suggest the OC Genie on the MOBO or try to do it manually?
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    Give the OC Genie a try -- it should give you at least a good starting point for manual overclocking. You'll likely be able to get beyond what it does by manipulating voltages and other settings.
  5. Thank you very much you have been great help.
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