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Recently built new system, having post problem... On initial startup all lights, fans, drives are on and working but there is no post on screen... After pushing reset button on front of case comp post and boots with no problems thereafter... any help would be greatly appriciated!!
Asus Striker II Extreme NSE
Intel Q9400 2.6ghz
Thermaltake SpinQ HSNK
G-skill 8gb
EVGA 9800gt 1gb
Vista 64
Raidmax Smilodon
Not OC'd & BIOS is up to date
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  1. aevm said:


    I would focus on the RAM. Running 4 sticks of RAM is harder on the motherboard. What is the exact RAM model? There are a lot of G.Skill RAM kits out there with different specs. My guess would be either the RAM is not running at its rated specs or you have a faulty RAM module.
  2. RAM--> F3 1600CL9d DDR3 CL 9-9-9-24 15v
  3. will try to remove RAM to check for faulty module
  4. Did you read through the checklist yet? That's what it's there for.
  5. I would check your power botton connetions on your mobo...
  6. Great checklist!! Theres a couple of things I can try on there...will update afterwards...Thanks!!!
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