Will these components work well together?

Hey all-

We're building a mid-range gaming rig here- we've decided to keep it last-gen to keep the costs down. Someone that saw us looking over the pieces began warning us that the mobo we had chosen would conflict with the RAM we were gonna use- so we thought we'd get a second opinion here with you guys.

By the by, we don't need to run Crysis on this thing, we're gonna use it for not-so demanding games like L4D, TF2 or Call of Duty, so we don't need to hear about how we should've gone with a Core i7 Extreme and 4 video cards (unless, of course, you have better and cheaper suggestions, then we're all ears).

Mobo: XFX nForce 790i Ultra SLI 775
CPU: Intel Q9550 2.83GHz
RAM: Crucial 6GB DDR3 1333
GPU: GeForce GTX 260 Core 216

For the PSU, we were thinking of opting for 650W- will that be enough?

Thanks in advance-
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  1. well, the ram will work but it isn't exactly ideal, the LGA775 platform never used tri channel, just pick up a 4GB set of dual channel DDR3 memory

    G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 1333
  2. well for the PSU, you did pick an sli board so i am assuming tou are going to be getting another GTX260 sometime (hopefully). If you do plan on getting another GTX260 i would get a 750w (Corsair 750TX) if not a good 550w would do you fine (Corsair 550VX)

    now you don't have to use corsair (i prefer it and it is a good brand), antec, seasonic, c power & cooling are good brands as well
  3. Well, I believe reviews show that the 4890 is just as powerful if not more powerful that the GTX 260, AND the 4890 uses less power. My 2 cents.
  4. Do not shoot yourself in the foot with a dead end S775 system that is overpriced. Nforce motherboards like the 790i tend to be pricey and I am unsure if they ever fixed the data corruption issue when overclocking. I know you do not want to hear this but for only $70 more on the mobo/cpu combo you could just go i7 and be done with it. Unless there is a micro center nearby and then the cost would be about even. Other option would be an AM3 setup. Like others have said, triple channel ram is only for i7 so that would lower the cost of your original idea for mobo/cpu. Here is a rundown of what the systems could cost you with some adjustments with regards to ram choice.

    Core 2 Build:
    XFX 790i Ultra
    Gskill 2x2gb DDR3 1333

    Total: $473 shipped
    Pros: SLI capable
    Cons: Dead end platform and no CF

    i7 build:
    Core i7 920
    OCZ XMP Ready Series 2x3gb ddr3 1600

    Total: $579 shipped
    Pros: Upgrade path, SLI or CF, best performance platform
    Cons: Costs more

    AM3 Build
    GIGABYTE GA-MA790XT-UD4P AM3 only motherboard
    Same Gskill ram as the core 2 build
    Phenom II X4 955BE

    Total: $418 shipped
    Pros: Upgrade path, CF, Gaming performance similar to i7, cheaper; costs allows for better graphics cards like the 4870 or 4890 1gb.
    Cons: No SLI, Gets beat by i7 in most if not all non gaming apps

    If not wanting to spend a lot of money I would go with AM3 over the S775 system. You can get better graphics card and not be stuck with a dead socket with no real upgrade potential.
  5. ^ --- +1, wait for the Price drops for the I5, starts at 199$ for their lowest priced CPU.
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