What video card should I buy for my linux box?

My budget is limited to ~70 dollars total and I'm leaning towards NVIDIA, I would like to get the most bang for my buck, and almost anything would be an upgrade (I have an x850xt pe at the moment thats gathering dust)
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  1. Oh how the mighty have fallen! That card was once the mightiest around, drooled over by gamers the world over and now it has been tossed aside, like an errant Autumn leaf.
    So E-bay it!

    Is this new card AGP or PCI-E? If you want an Nvidia AGP it's going to be a downgrade from the X850!:

  2. Yeah and also nVidia provides official linux drivers so thats a plus for them in the linux field. i dont think ATi does but i'm not sure
  3. ATI makes official releases now for linux in the past they didn't.

    Simple rule if AGP auto ATI go for a 3000 ionno if they make 4000 with agp but nvidia gave that market up awhile ago.
    If PCIe then it's more of what's your flavor.

    At ~ 70
    9600 from nvidia
    4670 from ATI
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