Lost my icons an start menu bar on my Desktop

please help me how to get my icons an start menu bar on my Desktop
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  1. please help me how to get my icons an start menu bar on my Desktop18
  2. Can you acess anything ?
    So....you can't see the icons and the taskbar?

    Sound like an Eplorer error. Hold CTRL ALT DEL and see if task manager pops up.
    Go to new task. Browse to C:\Windows\Explorer. exe and select it and run it.
    Does your icons and taskbar show?

    Or it's just a personalization issue? I don't quite understand...

    Or are you in a different user?...And you want everything set like the old one?

    Which one is it? :hello:
  3. You probably have a virus that makes them all hidden, unless you mean the whole bar is missing.

    If it's missing, hit the Start keyboard key to bring up the menu, and in the Run field type in C:, hit enter. Browse to Documents and Settings, All Users, right-click on the Desktop folder, uncheck the Hidden box, Apply. Right click on the Start Menu, do the same. Then go though the virus removal guide in the root of the forms here.
  4. Wants to thank 'me 1' ^^^^^

    OMG Thank Youuuu Ssoooo Much!!!! I Was SO Stressed after I tried just getting the 'volume' icon back, I read something on another site that some one said to do, then BANG - ALL of my home screen icons, the bar, and start button dissapeared! Then I found this and its worked so thank u , thank u , THANK YOU !!!! :pt1cable:
  5. TO - ' ME 1'
    ps, the explorer error u said 1st was the 1 that helped, Thanks Again, U really saved my ass lol
  6. I'm glad it worked for you, shadyz_gurl ! :)

    (what about your volume icon, did U got it back too or not?
    If U can't see it in your taskbar, just go to control panel>Sound and audio devices >Volume tab>and check Place volume icon in the taskbar.
    If U still can't see the icon it may be hidden or U may have a sound driver issue)

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