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I would like to build a media center pc capable of recording HDMI signals coming from my Comcast DVR. I believe that the HDMI cable carries bidirectional information, however will HDMI video cards or Motherboards provide signal capture?
My main purpose is to get a bigger storage system as the COMCAST DVR is pitifully inadequate. What is the best way to go about this?
Thanks in advance
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  1. hdmi is heavily controlled with drm. there is no way to record it, im pretty sure. i think the best that can be used for recording a HD signal is a component cable. it will still do 1080p and record it. although 720p is all that is needed for tv. (mostly, i think.)

    something like this would do:

    there are lots of recorders tho, with various settings and options. best start your google quest now.
  2. with HDMI 1.3? That will record better?
  3. For bigger storage, you can easily add external drives to the DVR. Best Buy sells them for ridiculous prices but you can find them for much less online.
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