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Hi, I am wondering if its ok to connect a 3.0 gb/s hard drive with a 6.0gb/s connection cable?


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    Yes, the third generation SATA II cable 6.0Gb/s is compatible with the second generation SATA 3.0Gb/s. It just you cannot enjoy the 600MB/s data rate (approximate) because it depends on your motherboard and your hard disk.
  2. not that any current HDD will ever exceed the maximum transfer rate that SATA 3.0 gb's provides. Even SSD's struggle to make use of the extra speed - this will change pretty soon though
  3. Just as a correction to Deanes' post, its SATA III. The SATA III cable connection hasn't changed physically with the SATA II cables, which is why it is backwards compatible with it.
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