DVD burning slow despite UDMA 5

Hi everyone...
I continue my melancholic cry for help with the same thing...
With proper guidance from all you people...
I had verified and reset my DVD burners mode to UDMA Mode 5.
depsite that the burning speed was still sloow.... 1 n 1/2 hour for 1 whole DVD and about 15-20 min for a CD.

Later I got a new SATA cord just in case... still no difference...

WHAT do I do now?
What might be the problem?
Please help me...
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  1. It could be the burner. Or your system is consuming all your resources and using the the pagefile.sys when it's buring a disk, which is slower than using physical resources.
  2. can you please help out with this?
    what should i exactly do?
    i am somewhat a newbie at this...
  3. Without knowing your pc specifications it's hard to say. Processor speed, amount and type of ram, model hard drive how much free space etc.
    Lack of free space on the dard drive can slow things to a crawl.
  4. get a new burner?
    try a fresh install of windows?
    update chipset drivers?
    disable antivirus?
  5. Intel Pentium 4 with HT - 3.07 Ghz
    DDR1 RAM - 1GB - ya DDR1, please abuse me.
    Sony DVD RW DL - DRU - V200S
    Current free space including all partitions is about 14GB [out of 160GB] Hitachi HDD
    C drive has just about 8GB...

    But the thing is... with C drive having the same free space since forever... my burner did well enough burning DVDs in 5-7 minutes some time back... but other partitions DID have more free space long before...
    suddenly after about 4 months it is giving me slow speeds...
    and most of the times, it gives me a "command sequence error". and the DVD dies along with the project!

    Any particular problem you can find? Please help me out... do i need to clear out my HDD a bit more?
  6. i cant invest in a new burner for now... it is dual layer compatible and seems quite good otherwise.
  7. A computer with a HDD loaded more than half is definitely slower .
    Also try to Defrag the HDD and reinstall the drivers of your DVD unit.
    If you added some device that particular power supply cable, that could have an influence too. Also verify the speeds , both from your burner and that supported by the DVD disks you use lately. The times you mention are for a x2 or x2.4 speed .
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