GA-8IPE-1000 Pro-G

I picked up a GA-8IPE-1000 Pro-G off eBay to replace one that failed.

If I leave the Windows XP disk in the CD drive, it boots. If it doesn't, it can't find a disk to boot.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?


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  1. Quote:
    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    Ummm - don't buy five year old MOBOs off eBay?? :p

    Seriously, though -
    The manual for the board is here:

    When the power is turned on, pushing the <Del> button during the BIOS POST (Power-On Self Test) will take you to the CMOS SETUP screen. You can enter the BIOS setup screen by pressing "Ctrl + F1".

    Go to the "Advanced BIOS Features" page;
    set "First Boot Device" to "CDROM"
    set "Second Boot Device" to "Hard Disk"
    set "Third Boot Device" to "Disabled"
    for "Hard Disk Boot Priority", if you only have one hard drive, it should alredy be fine; if you have more than one, use <up arrow> or <down arrow> to select a device, then press<+> to move it up, or <-> to move it down the list.

    This is mostly on page 34 of the manual... If this machine has a floppy drive, post back - you may want to set the boot order differently...
  2. Yes, I tried setting the boot order and it didn't help. It acts like it isn't seeing the OS. I even tried a fresh OS load, and that didn't change the behavor. It also seems like it is taking a long time to complete the BIOS stage.
  3. Is it 'seeing' the drive at all? When you go to the "Hard Disk Boot Priority" item, what do you see?
  4. I sees the drive. I installed windows on the system fresh to make sure. Its as if the bios is stuck not seeing the OS on the drive.

    I just now took a fresh bios (F5) and installed it, and while the system was powerd down I shorted the clear cmos pins. Loaded optimized defaults, still no luck.

    BUT, if I leave the windows cd in the drive, it is able to boot the HD.
  5. You might want to try the 2006 chipset drivers (rev here:
    It seems unlikely that this would affect how the BIOS 'sees' the drive at boot time, but, you never know - wierder things have worked!
  6. Thanks for trying Bill... Nothing seems to work and it isn't worth the additional time/resource investment.

    I ordered a GA-G32M-ES2L with an E6300 Wolfdale and 4G memory for $205. On a side note, this runs Windows 7 64 without issue.

    If anybody wants a GA-8IPE-1000 Pro-G or a P4 3.2e prescott (original packaging/cooler) w/4 gigs ram and Thermaltake cooler, let me know... I'm probaby going to eBay them in a few days rather than add them to a landfill.
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