Overclockers please read, questions about Q6600


I have a question about ocing a Q6600

I bought a GTS 250 video card to replace the GTS 8600 I had in my computer.
My computer has a Q6600 but it is in a Dell. I tried playing Starcraft 2 and WOW and doesnt play well. When I play Starcraft 2, the video clips shutters and slows down and the game play shutters. I turned the settings down to low and it helps some but I want to play the game normally. I have a Dell monitor which has a resolution of 1680 x 1050.

I want to overclock the Q6600 and I know about the tape pin mod.
Will this kill my mother board? I have read many posts of people having done the mod and their computer being fine. I will not be able to build a new computer until april or May (SB).

Should I overclock or just find a used cheap Phenum II and mb to use until I can buy the SB parts to build my computer?
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    I wouldn't build a new computer for 2 or 3 moths. Try the tape mod. If it doesn't work, you should be able to undo it.
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