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Ok this is a weird problem i've run into. Whenever i start the computer up before I go to the windows screen my computer makes a high pitch noise, when i start windows up the high pitch noise goes away and is replaced with a processing sound I guess you can call it. The weird thing is if I click back on my browser the sound will stop every time I click back. I also opened up Diablo II and in the start screen and lobby the sound would stop but as soon as I went into the game it would pick back up, but less noticeably. I'm hoping this is my cpu, which is an athlon 64x2 4200+.
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  1. There's no such thing as a processing sound. That might be the sound of the fans rotating inside. A high pitch noise is usually uttered by a dying PSU. Or maybe a busted cpu cooler fan. Could you give the specs/model of the PSU you're using?
  2. It's an allied al-c400atx. I know it's not the fan because whenever i unplugged the fan, the sound stayed the same.
  3. Must be the PSU. It's an unknown brand and its dying.
  4. Yea thanks for the help i'll try to swap it out with my friends tomorrow. See if the noise stops.
  5. err guys, I know for all of my systems, when in POST the fans turn on at absolute FULL and then dim down to normal after POST, and that older/crapier mobos have had fans that ran on full until OS hand off or something like that...

    then again that psu seems like a no name and is dying.
  6. I have the same power supply that came with my APEX SQ-328 case (<--look that up on google and see if this is, by chance, your mid-ATX case). The power supply is the Apex Allied AL-C400ATX.

    The noise that the PSU makes is from the capacitors and they sound like a high pitch tinitus whining sound. Almost like an old modem sound or cicadas.

    I noticed the problem about a year ago, and I took the PSU out and tweaked/glued the capacitors down; the noise went away. This week, the noise started up again due to the changing weather/barometric pressure/humidity.

    It's annoying and it tells me that the filter capacitors are probably not smoothing the power. So I bought a Corsair VX450W.
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