X4 955 @ 3.7 temp

Hi, i've overclocked my phenom ii x4 955 to 3.7 @ 1.4125v which is stable for me
and i get 37c idle temp and when i run prime95 for around 10minutes it reaches 59c, i'm using coolermaster hyper tx3, and the room temp is around 24c,
so i want to know if that's good or there's something wrong in this high temp?
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  1. 10 minutes aren't enough for know if that overclock is stable or not, and the max load temps.

    You need test that for 12 hours or more.
  2. Max temp is 62c for that processor,so having a high temp of 59c after 10mins of prime is not good.I would suggest rolling back the voltage a little bit until we figure out why your getting such high temps.

    What type of case do you have?

    Are you sure the case has proper airflow?

    What type of Thermal Paste are you using and did you install the heatsink correctly?
  3. I unlocked a C2 550BE using a TX3 cooler and it hit 59C a 212+ bought it down to 51C with stock fan 47C with 2 x 93CFM fans idle temps 36 33 30. 10 mins is not enough to test stability but it is enough (just) to get the max temp. As long as your room temp is as high as it will ever be you are OK running as you are if not upgrade the cooler or lower the overclock.
  4. sorry forgot to say above was 4 cores at 3.7GHz voltage was around 1.475 can't remember exactly.
  5. Actually that isn't all true...Temps will be a good estimate of what you will see for the first 10mins but after a couple of hours the temp rises anywhere from 5c to 10c.It's the constant heat after long periods of time that will make it rise to it's true max temp.I remember running a stress test right before i went to sleep,the temp were holding at 51c, and then when i went back to it in the morning the temps had risen to 58c.Quite alarming when you think of your max temp is only 3c away.

    I again would advise you not to stress test at all until you lower your voltage or get a better cooler.59c with just 10 mins of stress testing is not good at all and you run a risk of overheating your CPU.
  6. well, thank you guys.. i lowered the frequency to 3.5 @ 1.35 and i tried prime95 again and i just passed the 1st test and the temp didnt get above 51c, and for the thermal paste i used the one that came with the cooler, which is hyper tx, and for the airflow in my case i'm not actualy sure about it, i use only one 120mm fan that came with the case!
  7. The thermal paste is fine.Just doesn't add up that your overheating when your only at 1.425 volts.Something is wrong with something...

    What case do you have?
  8. ^That's the problem: Your airflow's case.

    What revision is your X4 955?
  9. Hey,

    I have a 955 overclocked to 3.72. I have not increased the voltage to get that clock speed and my temps are lower with an aftermarket cooler. Was the increased voltage required to get to 3.7? I would assume the answer is yes because you did. In case you were wondering mine is the C2 stepping not C3 which overclocks much better as well. I am going to guess that you may have a bad chip, or your cooler is not working right due to bad seating or something. Oh yeah I was running over 3.8 for a while last year also with no voltage increase. I don't think something is right with your processor. You may have a bad one.
  10. I've been reading around and it seems that the stock voltage is off for everyone.Supposidly it's suppoed to be set at 1.32volts.Dunno why it is,i guess they made they error in manufacturing,telling the mobo to put it at 1.4 but really it's suppoed to be a 1.32.And that story seems to checkout with what Shane799 is saying.

    I guess you did right by lowering it to 1.35,that seems about right for the chip and your O.C.
  11. well i dnt think i have a very good case, its an old one i used to have before (Gigabyte setto 1000) and my cpu revision is RB-C3
  12. C3...you can do 3.6GHZ or 3.7GHz at stock voltage, try that before rise the CPU voltage in BIOS.
    Disable Cool'n'Quite and C1E options.
  13. sorry, i have 2 questions?
    to leave it at stock voltage, does that mean that i leave it to AUTO?!
    and when i disable the Cool'n'Quite wont that increase the temp at idle?!
  14. 1- Yeah, stock voltage = "Auto" on BIOS
    2- Yeah, but you can turn on again after get the overclock stable.
  15. I don't know that this applys but i've been reading and most of the people are saying that when they default the voltage it goes to 1.4.When the default is acutally suppoed to be 1.35.So from my understanding putting it on Auto will make it go to 1.4 which could cause a heat issue.
  16. Reduce it to 1.325V and try again.
  17. ^that's what happened, when i left it to auto the core voltage in cpuz reached 1.456 and the temp raised to 62c in the first test, and i disabled the Cool'n'Quite and the C1E was already disabled, i guess its the default value for it!
  18. Ok.

    Reduce the voltage to 1.325V and try again. For those 3.7GHz or 3.8GHZ you should not need more that 1.375V
  19. for my tests, it crashes after 1minute in prime95 for 3.7 < 1.4v
  20. i guess mayb i ve smthing wrong in my chip or motherboard,
    my board is ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO
  21. Hey,

    Sorry you have a hardware problem for sure. May not really be a problem though some gear just doesn't overclock as good as the better stuff. I would guess your motherboard is the problem. To tell you the truth. I can't really tell the diffrence between the normal clock speed and what I am running overclocked. Your CPU will run anything fine. You are going to get held up by your GPU way before the 3.5 you are able to run gives you a problem. You are overstressing something pretty bad with your testing. I would stop before you melt something. You will find out where the weak link is, but you will be off to Newegg to replace it. LOL. Good luck!
  22. well, i'm gonna be in the safe side, i got it running smooth and cool for 3.5 @ 1.35v, the idle temps are around 31c-34c, and max load 47c-51c
  23. Looks like a bad mobo or CPU for your, that's sad.
  24. Ok, got another question, and sorry for i'm not expert in this stuff, but does voltage difference affect the cpu performance, for instance, if the cpu is stable at 1.325v, if its increased to 1.35v or 1.4v will that increase the performance or as long its stable so it doesnt matter?!
  25. You must use the multiplier,that is the only way to gain performance.Increasing just the voltage and not the multiplier will just produce more heat without any performance boost.

    I think 1.4volt is the max your gonna get out of your cooler.I think anything over that and your temps will become dangerous.Have you tryed just bumping up the voltage to 1.4 and running a stress test to see what your max temp would be?
  26. sure, i only change the voltage when i raise the multiplier, so i want to know if more vcore will make a difference in the performance!
  27. so if its stable now at 1.325, would b better to raise it to 1.4?!
  28. Raising the voltage won't make it unstable.Increasing the multiplier will make it become unstable.

    No it wouldn't be better to raise the volt for that reason.I was just curious what your max temp would be,so we could see how much room we have to play with.

    Between 1.35~X is going to be the sweet spot for how much voltage you can safely use,which will dertermine how high you can go.
  29. If you got a C2 chip like me you're not going to get as far as if you have a C3 chip. Anyway, there are other settings to consider than just the vcore and multiplier. You'll notice that there are two other voltage settings in your BIOS. You can try lowering VDDNB which I believe is the integrated North Bridge (memory controller and HT link) on the CPU. If you aren't overclocking the RAM you can try lowering it to help reduce the CPU heat a little. You may also try lowering the HT link to 5x (1GHz) for stability until you reach your final overclock. Once you reach your final stable CPU overclock you can start increasing your HT link speed until you start seeing instability. All that tweaking will take alot of time but it's what you gotta do if you want to squeeze every last bit of speed from that CPU.

    By the way, the airflow of your case as well as the heat produced by your GPU may limit your overclock. I had to slightly lower mine from 3.7 to 3.6 when I added a second 5870. A bigger 120mm cooler might help you as well, I think that TX3 is only 92mm.
  30. I had the same problem before i got my HAF 922 case.I got a 6870 and put it in a cyberpower case and it started to make my CPU temps rise.Literally start to bake everything inside it.Poor airflow and a huge heat source like a double sloted GPU can cause problems.

    Hyper 212 would really work wonders on that CPU.
  31. To be honest, 212+ and 955BE @ 3.7 was 55 MAX. still safe as far as i see.

    IF AMD wants it under 62(that is there spec listed, but is it a core temp or a tcase like intel?), they better stop selling cpus overseas where the stock cooler will not keep the temps. think of 35+ degree days.
  32. well, thank you al guys, but actualy no body realy answered my question :)........ what i'm saying is my cpu now is stable on 3.5 @ 1.3125v and i dont want to increase the multiplier anymore, but i'm wondering if i got it to work @ 1.325v or 1.35v...will that make any difference to the perofrmance, or as long its stable it doesnt matter?!!!!!!!!!!!!
  33. Well, 3.5 will be slower then 3.7. Will you notice it. Not for the most part(maybe some cpu intense stuff) and the cooler temperatures will help you stay in AMD's recommended specs better.

    If you mean at lower voltage, As long as it is long term prime(small and large test) stable, then you should be fine. I undervolt many systems without issues
  34. Increasing the voltage does not on its own increase or decrease performance but does increase heat. It is best to run at the lowest stable voltage.
  35. Heya, I have a 955 Phenom II running at 4000 Mhz stable at 1,475 voltage. I left vcore on auto while doing a 200x20 overclock, its stable but ******* WARM lol. It peaks at 69 degrees, yet stable. I usually quit programs before it gets to hot. However, when using stock clock, and leaving the vcore on auto it's actually 1.425 vcore. Hot you can imagine, thanks for your information!
  36. Quote:
    955Be got a higher voltage leak and runs hotter than the 965.

    Personally I would close up shop at 3.6Ghz (200x18). There isn't much performance scaling going higher than that.

    You can't say that without proofs, where are the link that support your words?
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