Drives not being detected in windows set up but found in bios

I remounted my computer into a new case and now windows won't detect my drives. I have a SATA 500 gig and a 1 terabyte. The bios detects both but windows only detected the 500 gig. I tried to format it with my windows 7 disk but windows gave some error saying to check the log (I don't know how to check the log). This of course happened after I deleted the drive, but now it won't format. I figure okay I'll just get my 1 terabyte drive to install windows and then fix it from there. To minimize variables I disconnect the 500 gig drive and hook up the 1 terabyte only, into SATA 1. Windows does not detect the drive. What do I do? Could it be a thermal problem? I checked the HardwareMonitor on my Asus P5n-D and it says the CPU is running at 90c!

I purchased an h50 because my bigtyphoon hit the case fans. I mounted the h50 radiator to the exhaust fan and switched the fan so it would blow air into the radiator. So the exhaust fan is now a push and the top fan is now a pull. All the fans are spinning properly now. I plugged the pump power into pwr_fan 3 prong power spot on the motherboard. The way my case is wired I cannot plug the exhaust fan into the CPU Fan 3 prong power spot on the motherboard.

I am thinking I have a thermal problem that is ruining my ability to format the drives in the windows setup. How can I check to see if the water is actually circulating, or if the hwmonitor is not reporting correctly?
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  1. Have you tried looking under disk management to see if the drive is there - assuming you have windows installed on the 500 gig drive?

    (Disk management can be found under computer management which can be found under Administrative Tools in Control Panel)

    Was the 1 TB drive recognized in the other case before you put everything in the new case?
  2. I am currently lacking a windows partition, since as far as I got was deleting the old one in expectation of reformatting it. Everything was recognized in the old case. I think my problem might be thermal, because the machine is flipping out.

    I bought a corsair h50 because my big typhoon would not fit in the Storm Scout because one of the thermal tubes hit the top fan. Anyway, the h50 hooked up right, or so I thought, but the HardwareMonitor on my p5n-d is reporting 90 degrees C. I tried hooking the h50 pump up to the pwr_fan 3 prong connector and the cpu_fan connector, and it feels like there is water movement inside, yet for some reason my CPU is baking. I am currently working with corsair to RMA the whole unit.


    Found a solution in a sister thread here
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