Oc'ing Asus GTX 470

He guys this is my first oc so i want to be sure i do it right with out facking anything up ! i am using msi after burner and would like to use it to do the overclock and recommended stable setting and stuff i could try and push it to would be great ! my computer set up should be right underneath here. thanks
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  1. okay so 700c being the core clock or memory clock ? im juts beign cautious dont wanna screw it up :S
  2. okay all bump it up and post back thanks
  3. does this require a restart or will it do it automatically ?
  4. then i guess all juts use msi afterburner to test the setting out ?
  5. okay os i tested it out on dirt 2 set everything to max and the aa to 16x and it ran perfect temps stayed around 72 celcius at max
  6. and i ran the msi kombustor stress test and it ran perfectly got to about 75 celcius and the card idles around 45 celcius
  7. sorry 90%
  8. okay so i got the core clock to 720 would it be worth bumping up the memory clokc a bit ?
  9. alright i got it stable at 765 c at the moment but its getting late here so all post back tomorrow and see how high it gets and when it crashes what will happen the game that im playing will quit or will it do anything to the computer ? thanks Jacob
  10. okay thanks a lot but what going to happen when it crashes will it come back to the os or what juts so i know ?
  11. okay sounds good ! thanks a lot all postakc with mroe results
  12. ay so i got it to about 795c when the msi kombustor crashed
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