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Yup, my day just got a lot worse. The last few days, each time i turn on my computer there are a lot of blue lines across the screen, and letters. After windows tries to boot, it says that there is an issue with ati2dvag. I looked it up and the news just got worse. Says its a bug, and that it affects ati video cards. So ive been trying the solutions they suggest, but i cant find agp to cpu controller because there is no agp slot on my board.

My computer is my first self built computer, and ive had many issues, but none as big as this. There is no onboard video.

So im at the point that ive given up trying to solve this issue manually, my birthday is coming up and i was wondering a few things.

1. Could i get a NVidea card, and would it work properly?
2. Is there any way out there to totally wipe a hard drive, of every file, formatting, just EVERYTHING. So maybe i could start over? My XP disk has unlimited installs, so thats not an issue.
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  1. Maybe you need to mention your current video card.

    Also, when you reinstall XP, you can have the setup program format a drive. And yes, normal copies of Windows can be installed unlimited times, so long as they're not used on more than one computer.
  2. Well if 'modernstreet' says it's a bug.... :sarcastic: [:thegreatgrapeape:5]

    It's an indication that something is wrong with your system, and if you don't find out what, then you're simply simply swapping one colour problem for another, because it's not like it happens on nV's hardware or anything right? Oh wait.....

    Treat the cause of the disease, not the symptom.

    Something in your home built is borked, it could be a lack of chipset drivers, it could be poor installation of the ATi drivers, it could be a corrupt install of DirectX, it could be a bunhc of things, but unless you do the basics and update the things that can be easily fixed first, then you're going to be throwing hardware at what is essentially a software conflict issue.

    PS, If you want more help from others in diagnosing the problem, then you will need to provide proper system details as mentioned above, just saying "help, help, my computer is borked..." doesn't really provide any insight.
  3. ...That grape ape is right....and if either of you are going to try to say that a card has problems or try to point out that both cards have problems an article not from 07 :sweat:

    ....I suggest a format and new os install...just put the XP disc in and it lets you format the drive during install...

    Also Brenslick your lucky you didn't go into anymore detail as the grape was light on his correction of your radeon problems...most people would just eat you up for bashing radeon with an obvious user error....

    The problems you are having are not the card....thus changing to an nvidia card will not fix it...your the only person having these problems with a radeon card....gues what that means...
  4. Using iPhone to reply, disregard my grammar.

    Actually despite what you say many many people are havin this problem, it's an ati2dvag smartgart loop, and it occurs for several reasons but mostly because the card's drivers are incompatible with the Os. For example using earlie modles of radeons on Xp caused this error when hibernating, rebooting, or shutting down.
    This has nothing to do with user error, it's a problem between he motherboards drivers not being up to date with the OS.
    My example of this is quite recent, and I am currently solvin this error, I recently installed a hijacked windows7 on an hp a710n that originally came with windows xp, upon installation I noiced that my video card a radeon 9250 was not being utilized, I spent two days figurin it out because my Ati catalyst would not install itself or drivers for the card, instead I was getting the fail install standard VGA first error.
    Anyway I went to Hps website and it turns out that the radeon 9250 only has drivers for the XP Os and after some research I found out that ati is only producing compatible drivers for the Hd radeons.
    Anyway I ended up extracting the software on another CPU and then placing it all on USB stick then transfering it to my pc and doingthe manual device browse insall, low and behold my ati drivers were now installed . However this is the root cause of my ati2 error, by overwriting windows7's instruction to not install these incompatible drivers I have like many others caused a unrecognized command by windows when it tries to utilize the drivers to issue graphic commands.
    So yor problem is probably two reasons
    1, Os has no up to date/ compatible drivers with your card
    2, you installed the drivers like I did and windows doesn't like it

    ati needs to fix heir crap, and no it's not user error
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