Buying new system, my psu, should I change it?

AMD Athlon X2 64 7750
Gigabyte M61PME-S2P
2gigs of ddr2 kingston 800mhz
9800gt or 4770HD graphics card

I have a 4 year old 400w PSU

Should I buy new or use this one? I don't have much cash so I don't want to change it unless I have to.

Thank you.
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  1. PSU should be fine. Go with the 4770, more powerful card but uses less power.
  2. Can I ask why you adviced 4470 instead of a 9800gt? Because I was thinking I would go for the nvidia. I used a 6800gt for 4 years and I was quite content with it. Besides I have to get something which has linux driver support which I belive ATI has/had issues with it. But on the other hand I've checked a few benchmarks about 4470 and it seems it has better performance than 9800gt. Was that the main reason you've adviced me or was it just about the power it uses?

    Just wanna know what you think.

  3. Because is better, uses less electricity and it's cheaper.
  4. hefox said:
    Because is better, uses less electricity and it's cheaper.

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