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I am currently considering buying the Phenom 975, but before I do, I was wondering if anyone has an idea of what this thing can oc' to on air?

Looking forward to your response.
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  1. Most will do from 4-4.2GHz if you are overclocking the 955 will do around the same cheaper
  2. The chips all have the same ceiling, only difference being the factory clock setting. But with an unlocked multiplier I run a 955 at 3.9ghz when gaming, thus there's no need to buy the 975 when you can just overclock a 955 to those exact speeds (without even bumping up the voltage).

    But yes, they can OC on air. They run cool (mine idles at 30C), but also have a somewhat low max temp (62C). I've been able to get mine to 4ghz with a mix of FSB + multiplier overclock. I run mine with a xigmatek gaia and 2 fans (intake and exhaust). The stock cooler is junk so I'd highly advise grabbing an aftermarket HSF if you want to do any sort of serious overclocking.
  3. ^ Agree, save some money and get the 955 if you are into overclocking.
  4. The 975 and 955 are binned differently, basically meaning that they are the same chip in production but spec out slightly differently. Strangely, the 955s tend to be the fastest OC of the rest of the bunch (965 and 970), just as the 555 unlock at a better rate and OC better among the 2 core Phenoms.

    I have two 975s and three 955s (one being an unlocked 555 that is actually the best OC of the three), and the 975 gets a better OC with less voltage. Both of my 975s will hit 4.4 on air stable @ 1.49v, but run comfortably at 4.3 and 4.2 @ 1.42v respectively.

    The 955s top out at 4.1 and 4.0 respectively, but it takes 1.5v to get it stable at 4.1 and it runs warmer than I would like that way. Both run nicely at 3.9 @ 1.42v. Surprisingly, the unlocked 555 will run at 4.0 @ 1.42v stable and stays cooler than the other two.

    But, from my experience, the 975 does OC better than the 955. The few reviews there are of the chip indicate the same.
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    The 970 and 975 are basicly the same as the 955 and 965 expect that they have a bit higher voltage tolerance so you can achieve a higher O.C.Also one important thing to note about these new proccessors is that they are said to have 4 Deneb cores and 2 disabled Thuban cores.This means that it's possible to unlock the 970 and 975 to 6 cores.Although their are not many people that have been able to do it,still,it is possible because they were made with 6 cores but 2 are disabled.I guess they were made purely for and unlocking.
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