Which Cpu Cooler Should i get?

Hi i am building a sandy bridges 2500k system after the re release of the new chip sets. I will be most likely getting the asus p67 pro or the Asrock extreme 4 with maybe some ripjaws x ram. I will be overclocking my cpu so i was wondering should i get the Corsair H70 for 75$ or should another cooler? All help is appreciated thanks!!
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  1. You can get an H70 for $75??? The cheapest I see them is for $95. Just be aware, for many people to get one of these units working really well in overclocking scenarios you end up paying another good $20 for better fans for push-pull though the radiator.

    If you want top end cooling without assembling your own water cooling system the Noctua NH-D14 is widely accepted as better value for money.
  2. I use a Thermaltake Frio and I love it! Installation is a hassle and make sure your case is large enough to fit though
  3. Why take water cooling on a Sandy Bridge build? WHY?

    You can attain 5GHz from the 2500K on an air cooler, without going extreme. For simple to enthusiastic overclocking I'll recommend the Cooler Master Hyper 212 + with two high speed LED fans fitted in place of the one stock fan. The cooler takes two 120mm fans with ease (and with included brackets), so you can have the best value-for-money cooler upgraded with two awesome fans for under $50. Also then you wouldn't have the problem with the maintanence on a liquid cooling system, there would be no dangers from leakage and you'd be able to OC to your hearts' content.

    Honestly, one of the most epic features of the 2500K is it's ability to be overclocked whilst staying cool. The 3.33GHz 2500K can easily be overclocked to around 4.2GHz~4.3GHz on the STOCK cooler without any danger of overheating.

    Stay with air cooling, it's safer and works well on the Sandy Bridge architecture.
  4. h70 is junk
    get the prolimatech megahalems, thermalright venemous x, thermalright archon or scythe mugen
    all of those will wreck the H70 and will be cheaper
  5. Quote:
    Why take water cooling on a Sandy Bridge build? WHY?

    H70 isn't real watercooling. And, what do you have against watercooling? I've done it for almost 9 years...not a single issue.

    two high speed LED fans fitted in place of the one stock fan

    Why LED? Not everyone likes the cheap glow from LED fans. It looks like someone with a Honda Civic putting those glow tubes under their car...
  6. Yep! a CM212+ would be fine and is also compatible with Ripjaws all dimms filled.
  7. so should i get a
    Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus for 20$ or a
    Corsair A50 for 15$ or a
    Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro REV.2 CPU Heatsink Cooler for 20$ or
    Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev 2 Passive VGA Cooler 20$
  8. Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus for $20
  9. if i get the hyper 212 will i have to buy any fans to upgrade it? or will the ones it come with be good enough?
  10. i think the stock fans will be enough for a nice chunky overclock
    changing fans will be a good idea if you want better temps
    ultimately, it's up to you
    better fans will at most get you 5 degrees lower temps
  11. GET THIS XSPC Rasa 750 RS240 WaterCooling Kit - Supports all CPU sockets
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    a-p-p-l-e-s said:
    if i get the hyper 212 will i have to buy any fans to upgrade it? or will the ones it come with be good enough?

    It comes with only 1 fan fitted.

    The fitted fan is HUGE, a 120mm monster.

    I just (literally like 30 minutes ago) received mine at the office, and it really looks impressive. The profile of the cooler is about the size of a standard CD case, but it stands taller. Dimensions are at standing 116mm x 51mm x 159mm just for the heatsink. The fan increases the width to 120mm, and the thickness to 76mm. Axtra fan is another 25mm, making it a big fat 101mm thick, excluding the mounting bracket and vibration pads in the calculation. Clears most things on the MB with ease. I'm fitting an extra 120mm fan (blue LED, I quite like the "cheap glow of LED's" :D) to the cooler, as I'm going to OC my Q8400 quite a lot (planning on a 30% speed increase).

    It looks ok without the extra fan, but the heatsink looks a bit "incomplete" without the second fan. With it though, it looks monsterous.

    Ships with thermal paste (obviously), screws and mounting bracket for another 120mm fan, extra mounting screws, motherboard mount and retention plate for all sockets (LGA775, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1366, AM2, AM2+, AM3), instruction booklet and warranty leaflet.

    Cooler is surprisingly light for it's size, weighing in at 626g, all inclusive. Extra fan is 116g, so keep it in mind if you transport your PC a lot to LANs or things.

    The fan it comes with is a good enough, 120mm silent (13dBA @ silent mode) fan, moving anything from 21.2CFM (600RPM) to 76.8CFM (2000RPM). This is where the extra fan comes in, the recommended fan moves 90CFM at the same speed as the stock fan (2000RPM), so I'm feeling more and more confident about the fan upgrade. I guess it will work just fine without the upgrade though, so no need for not trying first. And at the price, you can really afford another fan if it gets needed.

    I'm sorry for the entire review, but I'm quite excited to test it out.

    Hope it helped though?

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  14. so i can just get any 120mm fan and put it on the cooler?
  15. Noctua imo is the best for it's price because they come with quality fans. The fans alone on the Noctua are $25 per fan so if you get a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus and install those Noctua fans, you'll actually be paying more then if you just bought the Noctua heatsink. $30 Cooler Master 212, $50 2 Noctua fans vs Noctua NH-U12P $65 with 2 fans. You can even say that with the Noctua NH-D14, the NH-D14 will actually be cheaper for $74.99 vs $80 on the cooler master with noctua fans in push pull.
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