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I have a desktop with GA-MA69GM-S2H for about 2 yrs. Recently while booting, as soon as the mode switches from text to graphics, the monitor goes white. So I thought that the Video portion of the motherboard probably is gone bad. So I got PNY - NVIDIA GeForce 210 512MB DDR2 PCI Express Graphics Card ( and it seems to work. Now when I installed Window 7 on it, the driver from the nVidia causes blue screen. The generic driver works fine. Another problem I am having is that in Windows 7 the audio device doesn't even show up. I am not sure yet if it is a Windows 7 problem or another component on the motherboard gone bad.

Is my assumption of only video portion of the motherboard gone bad correct? I have doubts while the new video card works, it doesn't let me use the correct driver.
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  1. This board has two audio devices: one for the analog and S/PDIF and another for HDMI audio. Go to and download the latest HD audio driver "Vista, Windows7 Driver(32/64 bits) Driver only (Executable file)" and/or the "ATI HDMI Audio Device" driver for the HDMI.

    My GA-MA69GM-S2H audio works perfectly with the R2.35 drivers.

    Which nvidia driver did you install? The latest on their website is 191.07. Did you get the right 64-bit/32-bit version?

    Clarification edit- audio devices, not chips
  2. For the Video I downloaded 64bit driver.

    The same one also comes up with Window standard update and that too causes the blue screen.

    I will try the audio driver. I have already downloaded

    but it doesn't do anything. I don't even see the device.
  3. This board does not have "two audio chips"; it has a RealTek ALC889A 7.1 channel HD audio chip, and it has an AMD 690G northbridge, incorporating an ATI X1250 video sub-system, which handles the HDMI out functions. One of the possible reasons you have problems, is that is a poor choice of a video card for this system. You have an nVidia GPU and an ATI GPU, together - sort of like putting a mongoose and a cobra in a bag , together...
    On the "Advanced BIOS Features", check that the following are set:
    "Init Display First" to "PEG"
    "Surroundview" to "Disabled"
    "Internal Graphics Mode" to "Disabled"
    "Frame Buffer Size" to "Auto"

    You probably want to check that "Away Mode" is "disabled", too - known peculiarity with 7 - if your OS gets itself configured to away mode (the 'toggle' is under power options>MultiMedia Settings, but it appears to somehow get activated unbidden), and actually enters away mode, it will remain locked in away mode, with the screen off, until whatever background task it initiated is done - with no way to get the screen back until it goes idle...
  4. That did not help. The use of nVidia driver causes blue screen. Also the audio is no luck too. It probably would be much easier if I replace the motherboard? I am not sure what the problem is and professional diagnostics cost more than new motherboard :) What else could I do to make sure that MOB is the problem?
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