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1. Which one is better agility series 2 or vertex series 2 for > 100 GB SSD?
2. There are two hard drives in vertex 100 GB and 120 GB. Once I checked 100 GB was priced higher than 120 GB. Which one is better?
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  1. Well I think that the Vertex 2 series are technically higher end than the Agility series. Meaning faster reads/writes and responses.
  2. I think the 100gb and 120gb drives are identical. The 100gb drive has more over provisioning.
  3. 1. Vertex 2 drives are better than Agility. They have 5x more IOPS then Agility drives (50,000 vs. 10,000)
    2. Pay close attention to the physical size of the drive. It will be either 2.5 inches or 3.5 inches. The bigger drives (3.5 inches) are less money usually.
    According to the Passmark 7.0 benchmark, users of the 3.5 inch Vertex 2/Agility 2 have received slightly faster boot times and benchmark scores then the 2.5 inch drives.

    I have no idea why the 3.5 inch Agility II ranks best on that chart though. It shouldn't be lol. For SSDs, more IOPS = better.
    Make sure you enable AHCI in your BIOS though or you will NOT get the speed you're paying for, more like 1/3.

    I'm just re-emphasizing what blackhawk1928 has already said with numbers and details.
    After speaking with an OCZ technician, the higher capacity the SSD for the Vertex/Agiility series, the faster (by a small amount) they are. This is only true up to about 240GB though.
    As an owner of (2) Vertex 2 60GB drives (2.5 inch), one of which is used to boot, you will not be disappointed, so long as you're in Windows 7 to utilize TRIM.
    My boot time with an old school SATA II 7200 RPM hard drive was about 90 seconds. With the Vertex 2, I have a working desktop in 25 seconds from pressing the power button on my computer.
  4. The old Agility was indilinx based. The agility II is sandforce. Not sure the difference between vert and agil. Must be one. Thought somebody might chime in.
  5. adampower said:
    The old Agility was indilinx based. The agility II is sandforce. Not sure the difference between vert and agil. Must be one. Thought somebody might chime in.

    Please read my post. :ange: It answers your question completely... I'm the one who posted immediately before you. :sarcastic:

    To answer it again:
    The difference and only difference is the IOPS.
    Agility 2 has 10,000
    Vertex 2 has 50,000

    More is better.

    Question answered :hello:
  6. I love this guy! I wasn't going to waste time on this but... here I am. A high voltage fuse blown up the hill and I'm doing this. I should fire myself!

    There has been some muddy water flowing in regards to vertex II, vertex le, agility, and agility II. Here's an interesting article written in April. All about the firmware. Clear as mud.

    And then the summer ssd roundup here, at Tom's place. Explaining the difference between vertex 2 and vertex 2 e with a very informative "we think e means better". Of course at the time the 'extended' format seemed to simply be the same drive with less over provisioning. Thus, a 100gb drive now competes with 120gb drives. Whatever...,2705-22.html

    Here's one which describes your 10k vs 50k iops? Of course this is vert 2 vs agility ex.

    The only graph in this thread which puts 2 to 2 so to speak. We see them competing head to head? Maybe, as the first article states, the difference is firmware? Regardless the first thing anybody does with a drive is update the firmware. But wait. 3.0.1 seems faster (more sf 1500 like) than 3.0.5. hmmmm... clear as mud.

    Now I remember why I stopped playing Tennis. Funny as I am building a house half a block from some courts and I was tempted to get back in. How could the 'only' difference be iops (5x the iops to summarize) if they both use the same hardware? There must be a difference maybe it's firmware? Maybe somebody who actually knows something will chime in. I just know what google tells me.
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