Humming/vibrating noise with 2 or more hard drives

There's a humming noise coming from my 3 hard drives(120GB western digital, 200GB Maxtor, 200GB samsung) that I can easily hear when the rest of the room is silent, and it's quite distracting. It doesn't happen when I turn the computer on with the power to none or only one of the drives connected, but it does with 2 or all 3 of the drives, so the noise must be from the drives vibrating at different speeds.
Edit: I forgot to mention, it comes and goes once every 3-10 seconds. That's what's so annoying about it.

Would pads or foam of any sort help reduce or eliminate the noise? How about buying 2 or 3 mounts to mount the drives in my extra 5 1/4 bays(I have 3 that I'm not using)? Or is the only solution to use 1 drive instead of 3? I have a dual boot of Windows XP and 7, and they on 2 different drives (the WD and samsung, respectively). I'd prefer not to have to reinstall windows, of course.

Would removing one of the drives with an OS on it mess up the dual boot at all?
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  1. you could use some rubber grommets with screws for hard disk drive
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