Which SATA cable do I buy to connect my hard drive?

Hi, I took up all your advice and I'm having someone build my computer tomorrow. I've got all the parts except I need to buy a SATA cable for my hard drive. This is my hard drive:

Can someone link me a cable to buy for that from here?

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  1. Okay, thanks! And do you know what is the best length to buy for a desktop computer?
  2. Hey Girlgamer,

    It really depends on the setup of your desktop. The 18" are usually good enough in some cases, however, if the placement from the SATA port on your motherboard is far from where your hard drives are, you may want to get longer cables. If you are worried they will not reach then get longer cables, the only thing that would happen is you may have more of a cable jungle in the desktop.

    Hope this helps with your question!
  3. Thanks for your help! And what is the difference between the cable that says right-angle in the link above and the one that does not say right-angle? Does it matter which one I buy?
  4. functionality wise there is no difference. the L shaped connecter can come in handy if you case is crowded inside
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    That depends also on your motherboard and where exactly the SATA ports are. There isn't any different functions, only a physical difference! So the right-angle is what it says it is, a right angled connector to the motherboard, the side where it connects to the drive is the same. The main reason you would want to use it is if there is something in the way that is above where the SATA ports are because the standard cables may not work if there are any obstructions. So if you have nothing that will get in the way, then it doesn't matter. If so, then, you may want to go with the right angled cables.

    Hope this explains about which one you need to buy!
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