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Im having problems with an old computer that i set up a few years back and would like to get some data off of it. The computer set up is 2x 80GB set up in a RAID 0 (stripped) to be one 160 which house some data and my OS. I also have 2 other hard drives which i also have a RAID 0 which houses just data. So there are two different raid set ups. The computer was originally set up using Windows XP pro.

When i try and start the computer i get the following error:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

The motherboard is a DFI landparty NF4 I set it up several years ago. When i set it up a clicked f10 and stripped the drives. When installing windows i clicked f6 to install 3rd party raid drivers from DFI.

When the computer boots up it says that the drives are striped and that they are healthy and it shows me 167GB. If i click f10 and go into the raid setup it shows that the raid is set up and healthy.

I tried going into Recovery Console but i keep getting errors.
Either The command is not recognized or Access is denied.

I also tried hooking up the hard drives to another computer to just pull the data off of them. This was however a windows 7 machine. It will pick up that there is a hard drive in my computer but when i go to click on it, it asks me to format the hard drive. If i right mouse click and go to properties, it doesnt have any info on the drives.

Im more concerned with the info thats on the 2 500s. Is there anything i can do to get the info off the hard drives. Someone had told me to reset up the raid but i dont have an option when i boot up into the bios and click f10. Do i need to reinstall the 3rd party raid drivers when windows is starting and then go into recovery console?

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  1. You cant hook up the drive to another computer since you raid 0'd them. the data is split between the two drives. To actually move it to another computer you would need the same raid controller. Thats why backups are so important with raid 0's. if 1 drive goes you loose it all.

    Your best bet would be to install them in the original machine, and you would need to install the drives exactly how they were; and install windows. Since you are only after the data do not let windows format the drive or delete the partition. You can even install win7 and hopefully save yourself the hassle of looking for the raid drivers. This of course assumes you have enough space left on the hard drives to install another copy of windows.

    Once you have a bootable OS you also have access to your data.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I pulled the hard drives and installed a new hard drive and installed windows 7 onto it. I didnt install the 3rd party raid drivers though when doing the initial install. I then plugged the 2 500s in as a secondary drive. Windows sees that there is another drive but when i click on it, it asks me to format the drive. Am i doing something wrong or missing something.
    Thanks again
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