THREE files need to boot windows xp

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  1. azhagu said:
  2. You forgot the MSDOS.SYS! :D

    You want to hex-edit them ,or just make a disk to boot?

    If last op, then see here:
  3. me 1 said:
    You forgot the MSDOS.SYS! :D

    Goodness... all this time I thought I would need to have Boot.ini,, and Ntldr. You mean those 0-byte files; IO.Sys and MsDos.sys are important to start XP?
    I can't seem to find anywhere. I guess I'm lucky to start XP at all.
  4. I was being sarcastic!!!
  5. Yup, I was too. Just a bit of entertainment on a slow day. :D

    It was one of those questions that make me say to myself... "Where DO they come up with this stuff???"
  6. "Where DO they come up with this stuff???"

    ah yes... the eternal question! :lol:

    @ azhagu
    Sorry, we where just joking a little...
    The link is valid, an you got a couple of *.zip files to extract... :hello:
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