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im so confused on how to choose which hard drives to use for raid 0. im going to be using 2 or 3 drives, just for games so i dont need huge drives. i just dont understand them enough.. as far as i can tell there is little to no difference between sata2 3gbs and sata3 6gbs.., what i can tell so far is that the most data on one platter the faster... what about the latency and seek time?? anyways.. im just looking for some inexpensive drives to raid 0 with just to try it out and have fun.. thanks
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  1. use single platter 500gb 7200 rpm drives for near maximum performance on the cheap. No platter based HDD will exceed sata 2 bandwidth for quite some time.

    This is the one I usually recommend but newegg is out of stock on them. Too bad for $50...

    After those I usually recommend the Western Digital RE4 500gb drives though they are 20-25 more. (not the RE-GP series)
  2. 2x Samsung F4 320GB could do if you think 640GB is enough. Do note that larger drives can be faster just for the reason that storing data on the 'beginning' of a HDD is much faster than when you filled the HDD to its 'end' capacity. If you just need a few hundred gigs, then 2x F4 320GB may be a cheap and fast choice.
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