Problems with Phenom 9600 stock heatsink/fan


Anyone had experience here with the Phenom 9600's stock heatsink and fan?

I'm running it on a ASUS M2N68-AM SE2 board and the fan is running -extremely- loud. Idling at 5k rpm.

Theres a bios setting to set a temperature threshold to spin the fan up to max speed, i've tried setting that to 65c and no luck. Theres also a SmartQ fan function, I have that enabled as well but I can't seem to make the darn thing quieter.

I'm confident I have it seated correctly. The processor idles at about 50c and runs up at about 55-59 when gaming. This has me worried as well; though its within the acceptable range, I wouldn't think it should be idling at 50c.

Only thing I have left to try other than replacing the heatsink and fan is swapping out the thermal paste. Right now I'm just using the paste that came preapplied on the stock heatsink. I have no plans to overclock so I was hoping the stock cooling would suffice, and I know its seated and configured correctly unless there is something I'm missing.

Or I could just be missing something very obvious and hopefully one of you will point it out for me. In which case I will give my thanks and proceed to bash my forehead against a wall!
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  1. Reapply thermal paste, something like Arctic Silver or Arctic Cooling MX-2.
    Those temperatures seem a little on the high side.
    Improve your air circulation. You might want to add a fan to the case.
  2. Do some cable management, so cables do not impede circulation.
  3. I have the same issue with the AMD Phenom 9600 Quad stock fan--extremely loud and I have tried "everything" to tame the beast. Finally after playing with all of the configuration with no luck, I contacted AMD to send out a new fan hoping that was the issue, but alas i am still stuck with the noise. Processor idles at around 51c with the processor core voltage at 1.25v and speed at 2311.0 MHz. I did find however that lowering the voltage on the processor to about 1.23v as well as lowering the output voltage for the heat-sink fan, you will find the temps to drop significantly with a minimal reduction in process power. Now my processor is still running at 2311.0 MHz and core temp idles at 48. Fan rpm's are much lower now and remain that way unitl mass loads or heavy benchmarks are applied.
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