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Haven't posted in a while, but here we go...
I currently have an SSD Win7HP boot drive, a 500gb WD AAKS drive and a 1TB "generic" external drive... I got my hands on a second 500gb WD drive and want to RAID0 it as I do continual backup to the 1TB anyways - I've read about work arounds installing RAID after Win7 is installed so that's not my problem. Issue is, I keep most of my x86 files (program file directory) on the D: (500gb) drive. So if I install it as a RAID won't that drive be basically wiped out or would the RAID system build both drives from the one? As if it's wiped out my system wouldn't boot... lemme know... thx...
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  1. as soon you set up a RAID of any sort, the drives used will be erased to build the RAID.

    not sure about the booting, it could just through error messages. disconnect the drive and test it.

    If you test it, let us know. I never tried it.
  2. You will defnitely need to offload/backup the drive first. Create the raid and force it to be drive D:(in windows) and then restore back to it.
  3. It depends - you can build the array on the fly if the RAID chipset on your mb supports it - It doesnt erase the data. If you just create a RAID array in the bios - it can wipe all data.
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