Is it good for DDR2 800 mhz running 667 mhz frequency??

Hello everyone!!

I had here a ddr2 2gb 800mhz memory and i just want to know if is it ok if will going to run this at 600mhz?? What problems it may cause??
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  1. It'll work just fine.
  2. DDR2 800mhz is designed to run stably at speeds "up to" 800mhz - anything above that is a bonus.
  3. Can't hurt it. In fact, you may be able to tighten the memory timings to something like 3-3-3-10 and pickup 2 or 3% on memory i/o. That will make little or no real world difference, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing the the memory subsystem is highly optimized. :D
  4. thanks for your tips :D
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