4770, 8800GT(9800GT), or 4850?

So I'm about to make a big upshift in one of my computers. i7 920, 6 gigs of DDR3. I already have a case, two SATA DVD drives, and two SATA hdds, and a PSU (I need to check what wattage it is, and the amps it carries).

I also have an 8800GT graphics card. That is where this gets hard for me. You see, an 8800GT is a solid card, its still sold as the 9800GT. Tomshardware recently declared that the 4770 wiped the 8800GT off the lists, but when I look at the FPS for Fallout 3 (a game I play quite a lot), the 8800GT scores higher. Toms then probably knocked it off the list because it was higher priced than the 4770, but on newegg there are 8800GT cards for only $99 right now, the same as a 4770.

No doubt the 4770 would use less power. But also, on different charts I see where the 9600GT beats a 4770. Hmmm...

I would go SLI with two 8800GTs if that really is still a solid competitor, but the kicker is the resolutions I play at: I'm on a 1280x1024 monitor most of the time. Rarely, I put in on my 1920x1080 HDTV.

At lower res, speed matters more than memory, and at higher res, speed is important but more memory carries the day. With a budget for a single card at $150 or more out the picture (and given that generally, almost every card currently priced at $100 will give you a better performance in SLI or CrossFire than any single card at $200), what would the best GPU be for me?
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  1. Anyone?
  2. 9600GT beating an HD4770 doesn't seem reliable to me, playing on high resolutions requires quite a powerful graphics card setup, I'm not really sure but I think the 8800GT in SLi will be enough.. Although the HD4770 in CF is pure ownage for the money.
  3. @ 1280 x 1024 SLI'd 8800GT's is way overkill but for 1920 x 1080 sessions would be OK.
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