DDR3 1800mhz or 2000mhz?


I have two sets of memory modules.

1) 4GB Transcend DDR3 aXe RAM 2000mhz
2) 4GB Kingston DDR3 Hyper X 1800mhz

Generally which set is better? And in terms of overclocking, which set is better?

In other words, which set should I keep?

Bearing in mind this will be in combination with Asus Maximus III Formula, i5 750 (overclocked of course) and an Asus ENGTX480.

Thanks in advance for all help...
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  1. Depends. What are the latencies and at what voltage?
  2. Both kits are 9-9-9-24 and I know the Transcend kit is rated at 1.6v. The Kingston kit is rated at 1.65v but it does have an XMP profile, the Transcend kit does not have an XMP profile...
  3. Then the Transcend kit is much faster. Same latency with higher speed at lower volts for the win.
  4. Thanks for the help. I thought that the Transcend kit would be better, just wanted to make sure...
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