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I had a local user account and then joined a domain with an exact same AD user account. The result was username.domain profile folder in the users folder. I have since removed the local account.

I now want to rename profile in the users folder from \users\USERNAME.DOMAIN to \users\Username
How is this done?

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  1. Have you tried to do it through the UAC?
  2. You cant do that with UAC unless I'm missing something.
    I just want to rename the folder in the users directory.
  3. You have to rename the user to change the folder name. It wouldnt see it if you just change the folder name. It will also keep the old name when you change it.
  4. Here's an article for WinXP, I haven't found one for Win 7 yet. Perhaps somebody knows a method for Win 7?

    I don't want to remove the re-add the user as the will result in a reinstall of most software.
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