FS/T: Crucial PC2100 x 3

For sale or trade, please PM me with potential trade offers and to discuss payment options. A nice stick of PC2700/3200 would be good!

3 sticks of slightly used Crucial PC2100, 256MB, cas 2.5 @ 2.5v.
As you can see in the picture they are in very good condition. Crucial has a lifetime warranty anyway. All 3 of these sticks will do atleast 140MHz at cas 2. I know 1 of them can do atleast 150MHz (don't remember cas 2 or 2.5 sorry). The other 2 crap out in the 140's range at cas 2. Dunno how they'd do with a relaxed cas 2.5/3, mem timings.

I am asking $35 a piece. Retail from Crucial they are $40. I will pay for shipping if you live in the US.

Finally, here is the url for the picture!

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  1. Not that this is all my business, but.... Nobody has wanted to buy my RAM so far. I've offered brand name LD, 256MB, PC2100 at 2.5 for $20 plus shipping. I started my offer at 35 but then people told me on New Egg they could find PC2700 for $33 with shipping included.

    No one would want to buy over here at THG if they can buy from an official company that has warranty policies and what not (like New Egg) And you've overclocked your RAM which will not incline people to buy it.

    Also buying newer high speed RAM really doesn't bring much benefit according to most benchmarks here at THG. The memory interfaces of most motherboards nowdays just are well designed enough to make use of the higher clock speeds.

    My only points being, you may want to consider lowering the price (you never get a good deal selling used computer parts, you always get cheated what they are worth in their original market value), and buying anything beyound PC2700 (like DDR 400/3200) likely won't offer you much performance gain

    Please don't take offense anything, just a suggestion.
  2. If there was a 512MB stick on offer I would take it...... would give me 1 1/4 GB of RAM but 256MB is not worth it......
  3. I'll give you 40 dollars for 2 sticks. These are slow at 2100 cas 2.5 but I'm poor and can deal with that.

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  4. Papasmurf, would you care to buy my RAM? I still have it for sale, 20 plus whatever type of shipping you want. Owl gave me an AAA+++ rating selling him my video card
  5. what brand? how many sticks? Size of sticks? latency?

    A womans body is a temple built upon a sewer.
  6. Brand is LD, 1 DIMM, 256 MB, CL is 2.5 It might work at CL 2.0 though, but I've never tried testing it like that You can check here, this is my original post
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