Cannot connect to the internet through a router!

im having this prob since comcast moved my service(b/c i moved) and now when i plug my ARRIS modem in the my directly, it works and thats how im talking to ya, BNUT! when i plug my pc to the router and the router to the modem, i dont get any more internet!! and the LINK light turns off. i looked on dlinks site for an answer, downloaded there installing software and nothing....any body got anything?

i have a DIR-625
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  1. Was the modem put into bridge mode at the old address?

    Did you check the router to see if it was receiving an IP address?
    Is the router IP address static and need to be changed?

    Download the user manual for your router and check the router.
  2. Although I have a netgear router, I had the same problem until I reset it to the factory default state. I used the procedure illustrated in Netgear's 'how to' video you can find by the following link:

    In the video, two methods are offered. Since the first - commonly used - method didn't work, I used the second one. *

    Through the ethernet cable from my desktop, I logged into the router and saw a screen different than the usual one. This screen only appears in the factory default state.

    an installation wizard guided me through the set-up process.

    Finally, I connected the Arris modem to the internet and let it let it boot up. Then I connected the powered-up router to the modem. After a few minutes, I had wireless!

    * I also applied the same reset procedure to my Arris modem, after fully removing the battery, just for good measure.
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