Connecting the Siemens SE587 to the TP-link WR641G


Well, I have been trying to connect my wirless router which i bought:

To the modem which I have... the Siemes Gigaset SE587... as the wireless has been playing up

Anyway... what I did was to disable the wireless singal being sent out by the Gigaset. The Gigaset connects to a BT phoneline and that is how it gets connected tot he interent. The guy in the store suggested for me to buy the WR641G as an 'replacement' since it is only the wireless portion of that Siemens which didn't work... I can connect to the net fine when I am using wires connected to the Gigaset.... But when I connect the TP Link to one of the ethernet ports in the Gigaset, it emits wireless signals but doesn't seem to be able to connect online?

Can anyone please help?

PS. I am using the Tiscali service.
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  1. You need to look at this, I think:

    The Siemens is a wireless router not just a modem as you have been led to believe which is why you are having problems connecting another router to it. The guide above should help you install the Netgear as a wireless point only.
  2. thats fantastic! Thanks for your help... I will read that in a seconds :) Looks like ur from not so sunny scotland too - where bouts u from? I'm from Glasvegas lol
  3. Great grandfather moved to London when we sold our shipyard in Dumbarton in the depression.

    I wonder if your nickname is a reference to the AC Cobra -- Anglo American sports car of the 1960's. AC originally made the Ace which, with Carroll Shelby's upgrade to the chassis and a Ford V8 became the Cobra. My interest is that I was brought up near the AC factory in Thames Ditton, my dad had an AC and I've visited Carroll Shelby's plant near Riverside in California and met his daughter.
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