Totally confused

HI I am build a new PC and yet to purchase a monitor.

My new graphics card will have dual DVi-i output.

I,m not a gamer so speed is not a factor. I would like advise on which 24" monitor to get for photo editing. I,m not a professional so color accuracy although important is not critical. I,m told IPS is the best way to go?? Anyway I have listed three below which seems to be suit my needs.

It would be ashame to build a new PC and have it ruined by poor display.

Would appreciate comments.

(Budget = approx $500 AUD)

BenQ g2400wd

Asus VW246

Samsung 2494HS
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  1. The best advice you can get comes from here:

    The BenQ is highly regarded I know, but you may find better monitors for your needs.
  2. Im not sure if its in your budget but the Dell Ultra sharp is a very decent monitor
  3. Ok Thanks

    I,ve decided the Dell ultra sharp is a bit more expensive but the reveiws are telling its worth it so I will probably go with the dell.

    Thanks all
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