PSU Wattage for ATI HD3850 graphics card? Anyone?

hi, guys (and girls)

2 months ago i bought an awesome ATI HD3850 (X turbo 3 version) graphics card from CEX ( is like a 2nd hand store))
i've had problems with it on and off really. it works one day the the other it doesn't. now it doesn't work at all and my PC ,when i turn it on, does one long beep and 2 short beeps (where i've researched means a Video card error).

i took it back to CEX under the 12 month guarentee. theres this bloke there that had "supposively" tested my item
and he keeps telling me, even before he had look at the condition of the item, that it was all about my Power supply Wattage, that i need atleast 600 Watts to power it. but this is not what ATI recomends. they recommed 450 Watts! :fou:

in my Computer, i have:

550 watt PSU
An Amd 2.7Ghz black Edition processor :love:
a 250 GB HDD (don't know the fequency)
a belkin Wifi desktop card
and a Disk drive

he told me that there was no hardware fault with the 3850 and that it's my PSU wattage. I came home and took out my Disk drive, Hard drive, Case LEDs and Wifi card and tried it again. still nothing happens appart from the SAME beeps. if the bloke was correct, the Graphics Card should boot and load my BIOS to tell me i have no HDD and disk drive plugged up to it.
Is this bloke Right and i need to get a 600 watt PSU, or is this bloke Corrupt and Doesn't want to take my Item Back?

any and all help appreciated :hello:
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    A 3870 (a stronger GPU) pulls 7.7amps/92.3 watts at max load. There's no way your PSU isn't strong enough. With that said, your power supply could still be faulty though. Try and find what that sequence of beeps actually means.
  2. hey thanks for your Reply :D .
    my PSU isn't faulty. i tried it with my old 450 PSU, use to work with it, now Doesn't. thats why i've got my fathers 550 watt now, just to see if it would work.

    i'm going back to CEX and Rave Riot with that dude, bloke, person
  3. A 4770 will work on a 450Watt PSU, plus one 6 pin conector. I would Imagine something around 500Watt would handle a 3850. I'd be mindfull of the PSU you use though, If you can get Corsair,OCZ,PCP&C, or Enermax I would. I think the HD3850 also needs one 6 pin PCI-E connector. Hope that helps.
  4. You need a 400watt PSU to handle a 3850.

    RMA the 3850, the GPU is probably faulty.
  5. +1 to BlueScreenDeath.
  6. If you have a friend or neighbhour with a 600W PSU try asking him to borrow it for you just to test if it's true.
  7. If you have a friend or neighbhour with a 600W PSU try asking him to borrow it for you just to test if it's true. I haven't heard of this problem with X-turbo III so far
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