HD4650 will it live up to my 'standards'? (with adobe cs2)

Hi there,

This is my first post here. Been fiddling around here before, but now Ive actually signed up to get a question answered. This is it:

Today I purchased a MSI HD4650 graphics card, since my EVGA 7600GT died recently. I got the 4650 for very cheap, but I did not intend to buy it as my next card. Why, you ask, Ill tell...

I wanted to upgrade a bit, so Ive set my nose to a 9600gt. However, buying that would cost significantly more than the 4650 I bought today, because Id also have to buy a new psu for it. The 4650 is way friendlier in power usage. However the main reason I brought the 4650 home today was that I could test it to be absolutely sure my pc's problems were caused by the 7600GT dying. You see, I didnt 'want' to buy a card in the first place...the 7600GT did it's job well in what I needed it for.

The HD4650 is running now for a couple of hours, played Bioshock with it and Im pretty pleased. It surely is a tad bit better than the 7600GT, but nothing groundbreaking (as I would expect with a 9600gt). My pc's problem isnt there anymore (tho I figured it would be the 7600GT all along).

But now here's the thing: I've been searching all over the net the past days...looking at benchmarks, reviews etc. Not one explains me how the 9600GT will behave in my system or how it will benefit me in 2D applications (Adobe cs2 currently). I dont really game that much on my pc anymore, my girlfriend mainly plays stuff like Civ4 and the Sims 2 on it. Will it matter that much to spend an extra 60 bucks instead of just holding on to the 4650??

Some advice would be much appreciated.

my system:
AMD 64X2 3800+
1GB mem
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  1. The 9600 GT is a lot better than the 4650.
    Go for it if you can.

  2. The 4650 is not a gaming card. It should be okay for Adobe CS2.
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