Optimum size for partition for hdd 500 GB

Hello, i am asking if a partition C: of 40 GB, isnt to large for my system with a proc intel pentium 2.66 1M cache, 1 GB DDR2 memory, because i was expericed system froze time lately. thanks.
PS. HDD WDD caviar green 500 GB
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  1. The system partition can't be too large. The worst that can happen is that you waste space.

    The amount of space needed depends on the OS - if you're running DOS, 1 GB is too big. If you're running Win7, 20 GB is too small. Which OS are you running?


    Now on to what I suspect is the real question: why did your machine freeze up. We will still need to know what OS you are running.

    1 GB of memory is awfully small for current Windows OSes (OS's? OSs? OS'?), but this generally leads to thrashing and slow performance, not freezing. Many things can lead to the system freezing, such as malware or failing components. If the good folks here are to give you a diagnosis, we will need a lot more info.

    What's in your computer besides the pentium and 1 GB of ddr2 mem? What motherboard, video adapter, other things? Is the OS patched and up-to-date? What apps do you use? What antivirus or other software runs in the background? Are the freezes random, or do they happen every time you do some particular thing? Only once?
    If you haven't yet, you should do things like running CheckDisk to look for disk errors, a memory diagnostic and, if the freezes are frequent, starting in Safe Mode to see whether or not this clears the issue.

    The people on this forum are pretty good, but they need information to work from. I'll keep an eye on this thread myself, but there are much better diagnosticians here.
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