Power Supply enough for SLI GTX275?

Hey guys

just a small question need to ask since i returned my leadtek GTX260 Extreme+ which had this problem, i decide to get the asus GTX 260 Matrix but its TBA. So dun think i can do anything about it unless it comes to stock but in the meantime im going to wait about a week to see if stock comes in. If not then im off too GTX275 if my psu handle it

so theres a Asus GTX275 for about $400 AUD.

but im wondering if my power supply can run it in sli coz i dun want to get a new power supply.

my comp specs are
Q6600@ 3.0GHz with freezer extreme
2GB 800 ram
Asus P5N-D
(TX750 corsair power supply)
Antec P180 case with 2 120mm fans
500GB samsung hard drive 7200rpm
500GB seagate hard drive 7200rpm

Thanks for replys.
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  1. ur cpu will bottleneck those cards.
  2. Yes, you'll have enough power.
  3. His CPU is OCed to 3.0GHz, it'll be fine. As for PSU, he is cutting it close.
    I'd recommend a 850watt PSU just to be safe, since the GTX275 uses almost as much power as the GTX280/285, and he has 2x HDDs and OCed CPU
  4. Best answer,2122-6.html

    GTX 280 SLI uses about 320 watts. I don't think the rest of his system is going to consume more than ~150w, which would put him in the 450-550 watt range. This is within the comfortable range of the corsair 750w.

    Here we have a core i7 965 (130w CPU) and a 4870x2 pulling 421 watts at full load. According to tom's article above, gtx 280 sli uses about 50 more watts than a 4870x2 while gtx 260 sli uses 100 more. From this review it looks like the gtx 275 uses about as much as a gtx 280. If we add 50 watts to the 421 watts from the anand system, we'd get ~470. The OP's CPU might use a little more than the stock i7 (a Q6600 is 95w at stock), and a 2nd hard drive won't be a whole lot more either. Other than that, the systems are pretty similar.

    I still think the OP's current PSU will be sufficient. Won't be able to add much more to the system though...
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