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Dear forum,

I'd really like to get myself a SSD.
I was thinking about either a Intel X25-M, an OCZ Vertex 2, a Corsair C300 or the new Samsung 470.
All in 120 GB format.

From what I've read: OCZ Vertex 2 is the value choice. If you want better performance, pay the price premium (40 euro) for the C300 (I have sata 600 ports on my motherboard), if you want a stable reliable drive that has proven itself, choose the Intel.

Maybe someone can give some additional purchase advice and clarify some things?

Thanks in advance!

I use:

Phenom 955
4 GB Ram

ps. I read about problems with SSD on AMD chipset, is that still the case nowadays?
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  1. Note the huge difference between Vertex (Indilinx controller) and Vertex 2 (Sandforce SF1200). Either would be a good choice i think, check prices in your area.

    AMD + SSD is fine, set your controller to AHCI in the BIOS and either do not install AMD storage (chipset) drivers, or install the most recent ones. Check with AS SSD which driver you are running. Older AMD AHCI drivers did not support TRIM! Newer ones do. If you did a fresh install of Windows without installing AMD-specific drivers, then you would use the Microsoft AHCI driver, which does support TRIM.

    default Microsoft AHCI/IDE driver -> supports TRIM
    new AMD AHCI driver -> supports TRIM
    old AMD AHCI driver -> does not support TRIM

    You do not need to run the AMD specific driver if you do not use any RAID abilities. You can check with AS SSD (google) what driver you use, it would say msahci.sys for example.
  2. I noted the difference between Vertex and Vertex 2, thank you.
    In my comparison/conclusion I meant the Vertex 2, will adjust OP.

    Thanks for the clarification of the installation procedure and drivers. Will take it in mind when installing my new product.
  3. The intel/vertex/c300 decision is only based on your use. The c300 is the current reigning champion (assuming your sata 6gbs controller works as it should).

    The intel is/was the best drive for 99% of applications for the longest time. Now the latest sandforce based controllers have eclipsed it. However, it depends what you are using it for. Intel drives are still almost equal in read iops and yet consume less power. For an application based laptop intel might still be my choice.

    However, as you have found the vertex 2 is the 'value' choice. Best sata 3gbs performance all around and reasonable prices. You really can't go wrong with a vertex 2 or le.

    Don't forget Intel has been promising their next generation of ssd for months now. With luck it will come early in q1 2011. Might be best to wait another month to 3 months. Not to mention the next generation of sandforce 2000 based controllers somewhere in the not too distant future.
  4. If I can't decide. I'll wait for a few months and get a new generation SSD. Hope they'll really come fast then. I'd really like to get a SSD for my rig.
    Thanks for posting your thoughts.
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  6. Whats your new question?
    Looks like you had them all answered by sub mesa and adampower.
  7. @ mark_k: Some additional thoughts about the choice c300 vs. vertex 2 vs. intel x25-m would be appreciated
  8. Since you have SATA 6 Gb I would get the c300
    Crucial RealSSD C300 CTFDDAC128MAG-1G1 2.5" 128GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

    However, I would wait for 2 months and see what is new in SSDs.
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