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Hi guys,
from last 3 hours i was browsing on internet and everything was just fine but suddenly light was gone and i forgot to switch off my pc from main switch.when light back my pc switch on directly and was stuck at welcome screen a little while administrator appears,when i click on's saying saving setting and nothing to do.again and again i clicking on it but no move.
I restart my pc and try with safe mode but result was same so please help me.

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    It sounds like some of the system files are corrupted. You could try a repair install of XP.
  2. A power out?

    One question:
    Do you have a desktop PC or a laptop?
    Because if you have a laptop, in this case, the first thing to try is to take out the battery from it and try to run it only on power ...

    If not, and you still want to recover things and get in your Windows you could try the Recovery console. But you need a win xp CD.
    You could do a chkdsk, bootfix, or disable the welcome screen even (in some cases, but that's a little tricky) or even make a clean new user to see if it opens...(but you need to know a little cmd, or follow step by step instructions...)

    If that doesn't work ,you can go with the repair install... :hello:
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