Why does my Linksys WUSB-G adapter max out at 23 Mbps?

I use a Linksys WUSB-G adapter to access a Linksys WRT120N wireless router.
I expected a max connection of 54 Mbps ( as per G-standard) but I only get 23 Mbps.
When I use a Cat5 cable I get my full 60 Mbps (Docsis 3.0)
Why is this?
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  1. Are you measuring this by doing a large download repeatedly at different times of day and timing them ?

    Or are you just reading the speeds reported by the hardware -- which is usually unreliable.

    Further, you should appreciate that wireless is duplex -- so the best you can hope for is about half the speed of ethernet.
  2. I use my usenet reader (newsbin Pro 5 64 bit) to measure, which is fairly accurate.
    My neighbour get the full 60 Mbps wireless with a N-router and N-USB adapter.

    I have flashed the latest firmware for my router, there is a line of sight between the adapter and the router and the distance is approx. 8 m (25 ft).
    Router is using a mixed mode, 20 Mhz separation on Channel 6.

    Thanx for the reply.
    I guess I need a N-adapter.
  3. I don't think I'd get too excited about N wireless -- not least because the actual internet feed can vary in speed wildly depending on demand locally and globally.

    But if you decide to go that way, I think the advice is still to buy router and adapter of the same brand to avoid possible conflicts.
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