Can I move everything from old drive to new one including the system?

I am just about to build a new computer and I have a old hard drive which I will currently use and I was thinking if I install a new drive like the Samsung spinpoint F3 1TB, will I have to install everything on it from scratch including the system (and also can I install windows 7 twice?) one by one or is there a fast way where I just plug the two hard drives together or something and then transfer everything including the system all at once easily and just swap the settings to read from that drive and then just get rid of the old one? Is there a way like that and if there is which way would it be better to do?
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  1. The purpose of the OS is to allow your software to communicate w/ your hardware. Your old drive includes all the instructions for it to communicate w/ your old hardware. With new hardware, it will be providing incorrect instructions.

    Suggest you physically install both drives and conenct power cables in the computer but only connect the new drive by plugging in the SATA data cable to it. Install Windoze. Once all updated and activated, connect the data cable to your old drive.

    Copy what you need from old to new , then format the old drive and do what ya want with it. If ya want two windows installations, unplug the old drive and install windows to old drive. You can decide which one to boot from via the BIOS "Boot Priority"
  2. Will I need to get another windows 7 license to install it again on the new drive or will I be ok with one license?
  3. Get the new drive and install it. Get a program like Acronis True Image Home and use it to clone your primary disk onto the new drive. It will proportionately set up your partitions, if necessary. In your BIOS, switch your drive priority / boot order to make the new drive, drive C:, and the old one D: (or temporarily disconnect it). Test. All should be good. If so, then re-attach and repartition / reformat the old drive.

    Edit: You will not need to re-install Windows, or need another license. You will not need to reinstall any of your programs either.
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