Which 24" 1920x1200 16:10 lcd?

I have an old CRT that is 16" viewing space, using 1024x768 resolution with DPI set at 113, with refresh at 85 only because it can't go higher. I'd like to get a 16:10, 1920x1200 lcd for more space.

I desire an lcd screen that is a CRT of course, but that won't happen. My closest option would be a 24.1" NEC MultiSync LCD2490WUXi-BK, 1920x1200 (16:10), but I can't spend that much money, especially if it might die within 5 or 6 years.

I feel really stuck. My city doesn't have options for viewing IPS panels, which leaves me at the mercy of reviewers. I'm pretty sure I would hate any TN panel, as I like and need everything CRT's offer as my eyes are very sensitive.

My budget is about 560 USD. Should I try to find an IPS within that budget or should I hang on to my CRT longer until it dies (its 5 1/2 yers old at this point)?
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  1. I bought this Dell a few weeks ago - I love it.


    Oops sorry - didn't see the part about TN panels. Yes - the one I listed is a TN but I am curious which part you wouldn't like.
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