Not able to overclock ati 5470 hd

Hi guys i joined your forum today only and i hope that you Guys can help me a lot in my problems.
I want to overclock my ati mobility radeon 5470 hd but all the ways i tried for it failed. I used rivatuner, msi afterburner and ati tool but now also i am helpless. When i use afterburner and ati tool both shows max core speed as 750 but it not the max for it and i am not getting the option for overclock in rivatuner although i have made changes to its cfg file correctly.
Please help
thank you in advance
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  1. To be honest I wouldn't recommend overclocking a laptop. Heat is its worst enemy, and you can't install better fans to offset extra heat generated by an overclock. You're more likely to damage compontents in a laptop than in a desktop computer.
  2. All hardware in laptop doest not support overclock, your vga card integration sharing memory.
    All software oc cannot work in your system beacuse lock in bios. Don't try overclock anything cause hot up up up and damage.
    install software advanced system optimize can help booster speed system.
  3. evry one here i have acer 5742g with ati 5470 512mb vith 1,5gb shared memory witch is at lower speed than dedicaded memory and at full load the temprature is 47 C so fuckof with owerheating and i cant owerclock it and i hate one thing it is 64bit and bandwith is 12,5gbps.
  4. I know I'm reviving an old dead thread. but since its one of the first hits on google I thought it might be good to provide a solution for the people whom are googling for this same problem.

    The solution is the leaked: AMD GPU clock tool:

    If you google for it you will also find 0.9.8, that is older than 0.9.26 however and does not support 5xxx series.
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