New Video Card or motherboard first?

Hello everybody,
I have a quick question. I have just run into a stumbling block with my current computer setup. It was running games just fine till I started playing Grand Theft Auto IV and now it is starting to show it's age. I want to upgrade one piece at a time and my first choice is either a Video Card or Motherboard. Below is my current setup:

K9AGM2-FIH Socket AM2 motherboard
ATHLON 64 X2 5600
256 MB RADEON X1950
500 GB SATA Hard Drive

I am thinking of Upgrading to a Radeon HD 4850 1GB for the video card and the Asus M3A78 motherboard. The question is will the upgrade to the video card show immediate effects with my current setup? Thanks much.

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  1. Immediate effect yes, it might not be the effect you're looking for but it will be immediate.
  2. Why the change of motherboard?
    Yes, the faster card should improve matters and if it is mainly for GTA IV then I have ben told the 1Gb of memory is better than 512 Mb.
  3. I want to get a socket AM2+ motherboard to support the Phenom X4. The one I have currently does not support it.
  4. Thought so, just asking.
    Sensible way to upgrade: I do it all the time;)
  5. You should always upgrade the motherboard and CPU at the same time. You will see almost no advantage to a newer motherboard until you have a processor to go with it. And why AM2+? Always go for the latest socket when upgrading your motherboard, in this case AM3.
    I would upgrade the video card and get 2 more gigs of ram. All the video cards around $100 are more than twice as powerful as what you have now. That should hold you for a good while. As for upgrading the rest I'd save up for an i7 system personally.
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