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Hey all, i've recently built my first computer based upon the ASUS P7P55D PRO motherboard and am having epic issues with it, mainly the ethernet port.....
First thing i did is went through various operating systems(they kept stuffing up) and ended up using windows 7 32 bit RC build 7100. Annnyyway, after installing the ASUS driver CD and playing around with it for days and tried using a USB wireless adaptor which it now doesn't like... (-.-) it still doesn't work. inconveniently ASUS don't have a motherboard support line so i ended up going online and d/ling the latest LAN driver which I then transferred via a flash drive and tried running the setup and got "can not find network controller please turn Deep Sleep mode off" (WTF?!)
These are my specs in case they help solve this:
core I5 750 stock speed
ati 5850
4gb G.Skill DDR3 1333 dual channel
250gb and 1TB seagate barracudas
BenQ DVD-rw
Coolermaster 922 HAF
Corasir TX750W
Windows 7 32 bit RC build 7100 (i'm getting 64 ultimate soon)

Thanks all,
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  1. Hey Jared I have the same motherboard {Asus P7P55D PRO} and as of now i am useing the intel i7 860 cpu and am unable to get Windows 7 Ultimate and or Windows Xp 64bit Pro to load. In Device manager under the tab User-PC/Computer it appears that my motherboard is ACPI x86-based PC so i am guessing that this computer either needs drivers to make it 64bit ready or there is a problem that I'm not familiar with. Please if you still have the same motherboard and get yours to accept a 64 bit OS then hit me back up and let me know what to do, thx. Ray in Seattle Wa
  2. I have the same ethernet problem with the ASUS P7P55d Pro. The bios sees the realtek controler but it is not showing up in Windows 7 64 bit device manager. I think it's a driver problem but the easiest solution for me may be to install a new ethernet card and move on. It may be less hassle than getting a new MB. If the new card doesn't fix it then I will get a new board.
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