F4EG (HD204UI) firmware update

I just got my new Samsung F4 EcoGreen 2TB (HD204UI) and flashed it with the newest firmware found here to prevent corruption. Since the new FW is the same version, is there a way to know for sure that it was applied correctly or is the confirmation message of the flash utility enough? I tried to reboot the PC and then re-execute the flash utility and it would flash the FW again and again without telling me the patch/firmware was already applied.

I don't want to start using this drive unless I'm sure the drive is sane, 2TB would be a lot of data to loose :(.
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    It simply has no 'protection' against flashing the same firmware over and over; no real reason why it should have such a protection. It may only check whether it's the right brand or firmware type for that drive.

    If you don't want to lose data, you should invest in a backup instead. For example a couple internal Samsung F4s and then use an external samsung f4 (or multiple) as backup. With current HDD prices so low, your data must not be very important if you only store it on one HDD. Think about your HDD on two or three HDDs, separate and independent of eachother. That's protection for your data!

    So perhaps you would want to buy at least another F4. They make excellent backup disks, especially since the bigger ECC should mean less problems with bad sectors.
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