Downgrading from Vista to Windows XP Pro on Gateway SX2800?

I have attempted to reformat and load Windows XP Pro on this computer. Formatted the driver on an alternate computer and also attempted to use existing drives with XP Pro already installed. I still receive the error message: Stop 0x0000007B when attempting to install Windows XP Pro. Have updated the Bios. After viewing all the Microsoft support pages. My conclusion is I need to update the SCSI/RAID controller. Where do I find the driver for this controller? How can I perform the F6 option without a floppy? Is there any other way with an alternate computer to fix this problem and then install the hard drive?
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  1. You cannot install the OS on another computer then swap the drive.

    Find a floppy and install it and your problems are solved if indeed you need the SCSI/RAID driver. To get the driver, you need to identify it and download it - what is it? If this is a add-on card, you can remove it and put it into the other computer to identify it properly, then search for the driver. If it's the controller built-into the motherboard - 1)likely you don't need a driver 2)disable it in the BIOS and don't use it 3) download from the motherboard's support site.

    One thing you should likely do is reset the BIOS before proceeding. Set it to Optimal Defaults or something similar - FailSafe defaults if nothing else. If you're not using RAID, then be sure it's disabled.
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